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 Encyclopedias The Canadian Encyclopedia
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The Canadian Encyclopedia,link The Canadian Encyclopedia,site The Canadian Encyclopedia,The full text of The Canadian Encyclopedia and its related resources has been made available online by the Historica Foundation as a public service since 1999. Since its publication in book form in 1985, The Canadian Encyclopedia has provided the most comprehensive, objective and accurate source of information on Canada for students, readers and scholars across Canada and throughout the world. As a first source for information on all Canadian topics The Canadian Encyclopedia has continued to grow through several iterations in print and on CD-ROM, culminating in this online version published by the Historica Foundation.

Probert Encyclopaedia
Site No. 1700 - Visits 2511 - Vote : 66 - Votes : 16
Probert Encyclopaedia ,link Probert Encyclopaedia,site Probert Encyclopaedia,The Probert Encyclopaedia is a free online encyclopedia of over 235,000 cross-referenced and interlinked references and 15,000 illustrations, specialising in topics omitted by other encyclopedias

Site No. 1699 - Visits 4245 - Vote : 87 - Votes : 17
encyclopedia,arab encyclopedia,arabic encyclopedia

The Encyclopedia Project
Site No. 1698 - Visits 1616 - Vote : 10 - Votes : 3

The Encyclopedia of Arda
Site No. 1697 - Visits 1461 - Vote : 12 - Votes : 2
The Encyclopedia of Arda,link The Encyclopedia of Arda,site The Encyclopedia of Arda

Encyclopedia of Earth
Site No. 1696 - Visits 2329 - Vote : 26 - Votes : 5
Encyclopedia of Earth,link Encyclopedia of Earth,site Encyclopedia of Earth, a new electronic reference about the Earth, its natural environments, and their interaction with society. The Encyclopedia is a free, fully searchable collection of articles written by scholars, professionals, educators, and experts who collaborate and review each other's work. The articles are written in non-technical language and will be useful to students, educators, scholars, professionals, as well as to the general public.

Encyclopedia of Psychology
Site No. 1695 - Visits 2982 - Vote : 24 - Votes : 11
Encyclopedia of Psychology,link Encyclopedia of Psychology,site Encyclopedia of Psychology,The Encyclopedia of Psychology is a collection of links to many areas of psychology. Our intent is to offer the best available sites organized to further the understanding of Psychology as a science

Nabulsi Encyclopedia
Site No. 1694 - Visits 3797 - Vote : 73 - Votes : 15
Nabulsi Encyclopedia,link Nabulsi Encyclopedia,site Nabulsi Encyclopedia,Nabulsi Encyclopedia and the Guinness website specializing in Arabic and English and specializes in science and Islamic CDs comprehensive Islamic Sciences

Arabic Chemistry Encyclopedia
Site No. 1692 - Visits 2331 - Vote : 24 - Votes : 6
Arabic Chemistry Encyclopedia,link Arabic Chemistry Encyclopedia,site Arabic Chemistry Encyclopedia,Scientific Encyclopedia of Chemical, a comprehensive scientific terminology chemical and overlapping with other sciences as much as possible, exceeded the number of terms mentioned in this encyclopedia more than 3900, an article on chemical compound, adopted in the most accurate compilation of books and scientific references and numerous Internet sites and programs Different chemistry, to be a sponsor of the latest information as possible and accurately as possible. And I occasionally resort to other, older professors specialized in their knowledge to review what is written, there were so many around him to discuss visions, and may consider in writing this encyclopedia on the accuracy and comprehensiveness of data as possible and use of the illustrations and expressive drawings, which exceeded in number More than 1850 color image, either in terms of those who could benefit from this encyclopedia are many such as universities, research centres and think the Arabic language and university professors, students and science researchers and technicians and professionals so that universities and laboratories for schools because these contain the Encyclopedia Supplements infringer and comprehensive laboratory work specialize in terms of security and safety in chemistry labs and ways to prepare chemicals and disposal, also provided the Encyclopedia latest security and safety codes used in most modern laboratories and universities. The civil defence could benefit from this because of the encyclopedia contains more than 600 chemical compound fully explained in terms of characteristics and hazards and ways to get rid of waste

Encyclopedia of Arab World
Site No. 1691 - Visits 2604 - Vote : 29 - Votes : 8
Encyclopedia of Arab World,link Encyclopedia of Arab World,site Encyclopedia of Arab World, a comprehensive cultural reference is the first and largest work in the history of Islamic Arab culture

Comprehensive encyclopedia
Site No. 1690 - Visits 2753 - Vote : 13 - Votes : 3
,Comprehensive encyclopedia,link Comprehensive encyclopedia,site Comprehensive encyclopedia,Comprehensive encyclopedia - the largest search engine in Arabic and Islamic books

Guinness World Records
Site No. 1689 - Visits 2658 - Vote : 102 - Votes : 17
Guinness World Records,link Guinness World Records,site Guinness World Records,Official site of Guinness World Records, the ultimate authority on record-breaking achievement, providing information about superlative facts and feats as well as record processing application for all those who want to break a Guinness World Record Guinness World Records

Encyclopedia realistic stories
Site No. 1688 - Visits 2580 - Vote : 2 - Votes : 2
,Encyclopedia realistic stories,link Encyclopedia realistic stories,site Encyclopedia realistic stories,Encyclopedia stories realism is the largest library of Arabic and Guinness stories realism

Encyclopedia Consulting
Site No. 1687 - Visits 1261 - Vote : 1 - Votes : 1
Encyclopedia Consulting,link Encyclopedia Consulting,site Encyclopedia Consulting,Encyclopedia interested in collecting legitimate consulting and advocacy, educational, family, social, psychological, sexual, medical, administrative and respond in an Islamic moderate and interested in providing appropriate solutions to the problems of individual, family and community to reach the family and society and the individual mainland safety and happiness that was sought

The quran miracles encyclopedia
Site No. 1685 - Visits 2087 - Vote : 41 - Votes : 6
The quran miracles encyclopedia,link The quran miracles encyclopedia,site The quran miracles encyclopedia,Guinness scientific miracle in the Koran and Sunna, an Islamic site on the great miracle is available in several languages including Arabic, English and French, German, Italian and Spanish and Russian language and Persian language and Chinese language

Site No. 1684 - Visits 3199 - Vote : 24 - Votes : 4
Wikipedia,link Wikipedia,site Wikipedia,The Simple English Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia. It is written by lots of people together. The website is a wiki. This means anyone can change any page by clicking on the change this page link. You can do this on any page that is not protected. You can see if the page is protected because it will say view source instead of change this page.Wikipedia started in January, 2001 and it has over 9,000,000 articles, including 35,415 in simple English. Most of these articles are in languages other than English. Every day hundreds of people from around the world make hundreds of changes and create lots of new articles.Everything that is written on the site is covered by the GNU Free Documentation License. Pages that you write remain your property and the copyleft licensing ensures that people will always be able to use and reproduce the content

Ocean Futures Society
Site No. 1683 - Visits 1514 - Vote : 10 - Votes : 2
Ocean Futures Society,link Ocean Futures Society,site Ocean Futures Society,The mission of Ocean Futures Society is to explore our global ocean, inspiring and educating people throughout the world to act responsibly for its protection, documenting the critical connection between humanity and nature, and celebrating the ocean's vital importance to the survival of all life on our planet

MSN Health
Site No. 1682 - Visits 2074 - Vote : 19 - Votes : 4
MSN Health,link MSN Health,site MSN Health,MSN Health & Fitness does not provide medical or any other health care advice, diagnosis or treatment

Warraq - literary Arabic Encyclopedia
Site No. 1681 - Visits 1695 - Vote : 2 - Votes : 2
Warraq - literary Arabic Encyclopedia,Warraq site of the largest literary Arabic encyclopedia contains thousands of books on ancient and modern Arab and Aldwoowin poetry and postings and books of Islam and Arabs books

Arabic Lexicons
Site No. 1680 - Visits 3642 - Vote : 116 - Votes : 23
Arabic Lexicons,link Arabic Lexicons,site Arabic Lexicons,Encyclopedia of the Arab dictionaries Ajeeb and where the famous Arabic dictionaries and the Pacific Ocean and Pacific Ocean mediator and a dictionary and the San Arabs and beer pioneer and the rich




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