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description 1 Library qassimy masterpieces of books and provide all the books free of charge and is divided into several sections including Islamic books, he wrote the prophetic biography, books and doctrines of religions and sects and advocacy, Islamic Jihad and the Promotion of Virtue, "wrote religious events," wrote Sir translations and history, wrote the family, women and children, cooking, language, literature, books, poetry and languages other books of culture, philosophy, politics, media, books and education to develop self-management, reading, books of medicine, psychology and social sciences, computer books, technical, technology and programming languages, wrote engineering, economics, architecture, law, books of science, mathematics and Jawlogia, astronomy, geography, wrote stories, novels, books and features and other seed, books, books by scholars and intellectuals, books, dictionaries and encyclopedias of knowledge and community groups and programs, requests for books
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